What does success look like to you?

In different areas success looks different. In sports success  usually comes down to who wins and who loses. In business success can be all about profitability. 

How should churches determine success? Is church success all about numbers? 

Sunday night we had our 5th annual Trunk n Treat and this year was by far the biggest yet. But for me what makes it successful is found in the picture below.

These are the people who made Trunk n Treat happen. They are the ones who made contact with there friends and coworkers and invited them to come. These are the ones who made all of our guests feel welcomed.

Our church posted this photo on our Facebook page and the responses showed the success of the event. People were thankful for the event, the food, and the great time.

Now the hard part of success comes in. Now we need to build on the success of this. Ultimately we are not event planners, we are a church. To be successful as a church means to reach the lost with the message of Jesus and see them grow in a relationship with him.

The event was great, but success by God's terms isn't bringing over 500 people for an event. But let's build on the momentum from this event to reach our world with the message of the gospel. Then we will have real success.