The Ultimate Goal

Why does the Church exist? What is its purpose?

I found this quote from John Piper's book Let the Nations Be Glad!. This is how he starts the book. "Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exist because worship doesn't. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man."

I first heard that quote when I was on the way to our youth convention. At that convention we took an offering for missions and the students of Illinois gave over $63,000. By the time this year is done our state's youth and children will have raised nearly $350,000 for missions.

Missions is something that my family and church supports. My oldest son mowed for missions, my youngest son helped shovel snow, and my little girl did things around the house to help give money to missions.

In all that we do for missions we need to remember why we are doing it. We are not just raising money for missions to feel good or to mark a box that we gave. We are doing it so people around the world will join us in worshiping the one true God.

The heart of missions is to see everyone worship God. To worship God not just with a song, but with all their life. 

I will always support missions. I will still get shoot with paint ball, take pies in the face, or do any other silly thing to get students and people to give to missions, but in all that continue to remind people when they give that they are doing so they can worship God with the rest of the God's creation.