Walmart and the church

Why do you shop at the Walmart that you do?

In Rockford we have three Walmart store. Each of them are slightly different, but they all pretty much carry the same items. You can get a TV, macaroni and cheese, and socks at any of the stores. So why do you shop at your Walmart?

My office is half a block away from one of the Walmart stores. I end up there more than I care to admit. This Walmart has multiple ethnic groups working and shopping there. At any time you see young and old, black and white, and the rich and poor shopping there. This store has a section of clothes for the schools in our area. I realize that the people at that Walmart are there because they live in the community. They go there because it is close to where they live or it is on there way to where they are going. 

What would our churches look like if they looked like the Walmart you shop at? Does your church have the same diversity that Walmart has? Are our churches as welcoming as your Walmart? No one feels like they have to dress a certain way or be a certain way to shop at your Walmart, so why do they feel like they need to for our churches?

Reaching our community is what we are called to do. Walking around your Walmart gives you an idea of what your community looks like. 

Now let's find a way to get our church to look like our Walmart.