House of Prayer

What do you focus on in the beginning of the year?

Most people start off the year with some kind of goal. Most of the goals people set are things like save more money, lose weight, or get healthy.  All of those thing require focus. You can't do any of those without putting in effort.

As a church we are putting focus on what Jesus said the church should be. Jesus quotes Isaiah and say that His house will be a House of Prayer. Our church is emphasizing prayer with all of our age groups.

Our children's church is taking a look at the Lord's Prayer. By the time we finish the series we hope that the kids will understand the Lord's Prayer and be able to use what they learn to grow in their prayer life.

Our student ministry, Journey, will be going through the book In the Gap by Pastor Wilfredo De Jesus. In the book we will look at how we as Christians need to stand in the gap for those who need to know who God is. Prayer is a big part of what we are to do.

Our pastor, Pastor Jim Moore, started something in our church called 5 Twelves

The goal of this initiative is to get people to pray for our church for twelve minutes a day, five days a week. He wants them to pray for our leaders, for him,and for the work that the church is called to do. He wants people to do this on top of what they are already praying. If every adult in our church would do this we would have about 100 hours of prayer a week for our church.

What kind of difference would 100 hours of prayer make in your church? How would your leader feel if he knew that people were praying for him.

Would you join us in this. Can you spend an hour praying for your leader?