Understanding Tension

Given a choice between peace and tension I think most of us would choose peace. We dream of what it would be like to live in peace. We dream of not having conflicts at work and home. We dream of white sandy beaches and peaceful cabins out in the woods.

In those situations the thing that it missing is tension.

Tension isn't a bad thing. A story with no tension would just be boring. The strings on a guitar wouldn't produce sound without tension on the strings. So why are we afraid of dealing with tension in our lives?

If you look at the Psalms you see David dealing with tension. You see him wondering why he was still in the dessert? You see him struggling with the promise of God compared to the reality of his situation.

In Philippians 1, Paul talks about the tension he was facing. He was in prison and was wondering if it was better to live or die. Both options seemed like a good idea, so he had to deal with the tension of what to do. In the end he decided to live because it was better for others.

Instead of avoiding tension maybe we need to embrace it. It is in the moments of tension that we grow. It is the tension that makes us change.

So when tension arrives again, embrace it. See what God is teaching you from the tension.