Getting Fit

I have always been a big man.

I wrestled in junior high and high school. In wrestling you against people in your weight class. My weight class every year I wrestled was heavyweight and at the start of my senior year I was having a hard time making it in the weight class.

I have tried different things to lose weight during my life. I did Atkins. I have tried walking and working out different ways. The thing that has worked the best for my is an app.

Like most people, I use my phone for most things. I play games, use social media, and even use my phone for my Bible reading. So I guess it makes sense that using my phone to get healthy could work for me. The app I use My Fitness Pal.

The app lets me know how many calories I can eat a day. Then, whenever I eat something I track it in the app. It keeps a tally for me. It figures that if you eat that many calories a day you will lose weight.

The app only works if you are honest. And sometimes it gets annoying to have to put everything in there. It is a pain when you don't cook off a recipe because you need to measure all of it. 

Getting fit has been tough. I am still bigger than what I want to be.

Getting spiritually fit is just as hard.

Even as I pastor I get blown away by what some people have done to stay close to God. I hear some older people talk about all night prayer meetings, big tent revivals, and the time they have spent with God.

If we want to be spiritually fit it takes work. It takes growing in faith, obeying God, reading your Bible, and spending time talking to God and letting Him speak back.

When is the last time you tried to get spiritually fit?

Just like it takes time and effort to get physically fit, it takes time to get spiritually fit. Just like I am still working on getting spiritually fit, I am working to get spiritually fit.

Let me leave you with a challenge for this week. I want you to find a way to exercise your faith. Do something that is out of your comfort. 

It is time for the church to get fit.