Now What?

It's that time of year again, and no, not summer. It is graduation time.

Last week my daughter graduated from preschool. They had a small ceremony and all the kids wore a little graduation cap and marched in. This weekend the local high schools have their ceremonies. I was shocked when I came to Rockford and saw that they used the BMO Center for graduation.

In other towns I have seen Kindergarten graduations and 8th grade graduations. I had friends that had 8th grade graduation parties. I never understood why. Kids are required to be in school until they are 16. We had to pass 8th grade. 

After you graduate people ask you the question "Now what?" They want to know what the next step you are going to take is. They just see graduation as another step on the journey of life.

As a Christian we have times where we feel like we have a graduation. We have moments where God has taken us through hard times and we have come out the other side. The thing is that as a Christians all of graduations are like my 8th grade graduation.

After 8th grade there was no "Now what?" questions. Everyone knows that you just move on to the next grade. Our Christian graduation doesn't ask us "Now what?". We just go on to a greater understanding of God.