Have you ever been in pain? 

Of course you have. Pain is a part of the human experience. All of us have had to deal with pain at one point. And no one likes being in pain.

This week my wife has been dealing with pain. Ever since she gave birth to our middle child she has been dealing with ongoing back pain. She has been to different doctors to try to see what is causing the pain. Most of the visits end with them trying to manage the pain.

When you are in pain you don't want to manage the pain. You want the cause of the pain to go away. 

But pain can be a good thing. Pain can warn us before something goes wrong. The pain is the warning to stop pushing.

Pain can also be a part of growth. A friend of mine grew up with Osgood-Schalter disease. Basically his joint weren't growing in as fast as the rest of his body.

The Bible doesn't shy away from dealing with pain. It covers the pain that all of the heroes of the Bible dealt with. Some dealt with the pain of losing a loved one, some with abandonment, some with physical pains, and many more than I can list.

But all of the heroes of the Bible grew from the pain that they went through. The pain showed them the test that they were going through.

You can look at pain as a reason to stop or a chance to grow. The pain doesn't mean that God has left you or that you have done something wrong. It just means that there is another chance for growth.

Don't let the pain that you are going through today stop you from getting to where God wants you to be in the long run.