The Bride

Ten years ago Nelly Furtado had the number 1 song in America. The Miami Vice movie was released. You couldn't be on Facebook if you weren't in college ten years ago.

Ten years ago I was a 23 year old who was getting ready to commit my life to Michelle. 

On our wedding day my bride was main attraction. No one stood when I came in. No one cared about my suit. I didn't have a special song to walk into the church with.  I was given the wisdom early on that the wedding day isn't about the groom, it is about the bride.

It doesn't seem possible that it was ten years ago that we got married. The day is so fresh in my mind that it seems like it was just yesterday. I remember my dad walking in late and making an entrance, my groomsmen pulled out poppers for our first kiss, and my wife breaking the chandelier at the reception hall when she threw her bouquet. 

Over the ten years we have lived in 5 different cities, bought a house, had two more kids, and entered ministry. All of those just blend together. Those events highlight the last ten years.

Over the last ten years my love for my wife has changed and grown as we have changed and grown. I now have more reasons to love her now then I did when we first were married.

When I think of the love I have for Michelle I can't help but to think about how God loves his bride, the Church.

If someone says something disrespectful about Michelle it get mad. I don't want anyone to talk to her like that. I love her and I will protect her. If you don't respect my wife I won't be your friend.

If that is how I get, imagine how God feels when we put down his bride. God loves the Church. He sent his son to die for the Church, yet we have people that openly criticize and try to destroy the Church. That should not be how we act.

Now I am not blind to the fact that the Church has flaws, but it is the Church that God trusts to tell the story of Jesus. It is the Church that knows the hope of the world.

So before you start to rip into your church remember that you are talking about God's bride. Think about how you would react if someone criticized your spouse.