Give Me A Break

I just got back from a week long vacation. I spent a lot of time in pools and hot tubs. I loved that I could take a chance to rest and relax on my vacation.

We all need a chance to rest and relax and not just on vacation. And rest and relaxation is Biblical.

In the beginning of the Bible we get the story of creation. We are introduced to God and God is outside of creation. For the rest of Genesis 1 we see God create everything by just speaking words. Everything from the stars in the sky, the water in the rivers, and the flies that are buzzing around your head with just a word.

Following all of creation we see God, who just created everything with just his word, do something astounding. He took a break.

Genesis 2 says this, 

1 Heaven and Earth were finished, 

down to the last detail.

2 By the seventh day 

God had finished his work.

On the seventh day

he rested from all his work.

3 God blessed the seventh day.

He made it a Holy Day

Because on that day he rested from his work,

all the creating God had done.

Our God, after creating everything, rested. Everything he created was finished and perfect. Was God so tired that he needed a break? No. God was setting an example for us to follow. Having us take a break is so important to God that he put it into the 10 Commandments.

The rest that God set for us is to have a Sabbath. It's the day of the week were you rest. 

It is easy to ignore this commandment. We are all busy. The house needs taken care of, groceries need to be bought, and the kids have a schedule that keeps everyone busy. The busyness is something that we cling on to. But that is not what God wants for you.

God wants you to have a day to rest. He commanded you to take one day out of your week to rest. There is no way you are busier in your week than God was during the first week.

So make sure that you find a day to have a Sabbath. Have a day when you can rest. Find time to take the vacation that you have been putting off.

You are not busier than God.